Mr. Ben Weston

Learn how to dance with confidence and power

Hey, I'm Ben.

I'm a professional dance teacher and I'm on a mission to help every guy feel powerful, confident, and free through dancing. 

And before you even ask--yes, you can dance, too. I promise you, you can. You have your own unique style that is just dying to explode from your powerful body. 

No matter how embarrassed you feel when dancing at parties, how many beers it takes you to loosen up, how nervous you get when women ask you to dance, how uncoordinated you think you are, or how little rhythm you think you posses, I know you can dance.

I actually struggled with a paralyzing fear of dance for most of my life--you can check out my story to learn more about it. Because of my struggle, I understand where you're coming from and I know I can help you discover your hidden ability to dance.

To learn from me directly, click here. Otherwise, you can learn through my at-home program, Dance Floor Arsenal. 

Stay awesome, my friend.